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Grass Tree / Blackboy


Unique to Australia, this prized landscape tree makes a dramatic statement in any garden.

The history of the Xanthorrhoea fascinated even the first European settlers, as it is so unique it is not related to any other plant species found in Australia.

Xanthorrhoea are a very slow growing species, but it is also believed they can live up to 600 years.

Queensland Bottle Tree

Brachychiton rupestris

Native to Southern and Central Queensland in Australia, the Queensland Bottle Tree grows to reach 20 meters in height. Its trademark bottle shaped trunk can also reach 8 meters in circumference.

The Queensland Bottle Tree is tolerant of a wide range of soils, occurring in the wild, from stony outcrops to deep rich alluvial solid. The tree is generally drought and frost tolerant. Each bottle tree reflects its own individual character and can be used in many landscape designs.

Large Cycad

Macrozamia moorei

This large cycad occurs in Central Queensland and can be successfully transplanted into tropical, subtropical and temperate regions.

The most majestic of all Australian cycads, the Moorei is renowned for its large rounded “date palm” like crown of gracefully curved, dark bluish green leaves.

The Macrozamia Moorei should be planted in well drained soil. It also makes an excellent specimen for large containers or tubs.

Palms and other species

Phoenix canariensis & Dicksonia antarctica & Brachychitons

The impressive Canary Island Date Palm grows to 15 metres tall, with a spread of up to 9 metres.

The Dicksonia Tree Fern is primarily an under story fern, the thrives in sheltered locations. It will grow happily in secluded, low light positions where other plants will not survive.

Brachychiton is commonly known as the Illawarra Flame tree. It is endemic to Australia and occurs from Cape York to Southern New South Wales.

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