Queensland Bottle Tree

Family: Sterculiaceae
Genus: Brachychiton (Brak-ee-KY-ton)
Species: Rupestris (rue-PES-tris)

Native to Southern and Central Queensland in Australia, the Queensland Bottle Tree grows to reach 20 meters in height. Its trademark bottle shaped trunk can also reach 8 meters in circumference.

Cultivated trees are usually much smaller, and when grown from seed take 8 to 10 years for the bottle shaped trunk to become noticeable. It is estimated that some large specimens salvaged from the wild are over 120 years old.

The Queensland Bottle Tree is tolerant of a wide range of soils, occurring in the wild, from stony outcrops to deep rich alluvial solid. The tree is generally drought and frost tolerant. Each bottle tree reflects its own individual character, and can be used in many landscape designs.

Large trees (diameter up to 2 meters) are available for purchase in limited numbers from Station Creek Tree Farm, and can be prepared for export to anywhere in the world. We are proud to have been the first Australian Company to export this tree in commercial quantities.

For those with long term planning in mind, we can also supply the seed and seedlings of the Bottle Tree. We encourage the planting of this tree in public community areas such as parks, hospital and school grounds, botanical gardens and areas where generations to come can enjoy its unique beauty.

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