Station Creek Tree Farm

Station Creek Tree Farm (SCTF) are one of Australia’s leading suppliers and exporters of rare Australian plants, and boast Queensland’s largest and longest established native plant harvesting operation.

Fully licensed by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, Station Creek Tree Farm adhere to a strict management plan for the harvesting of Native Plants. Protected Plant Harvesting Licence is issued under the following legislation-S89 of the Nature Conservation Act 1992.

Suppliers and exporters of rare Australian plants.

Guide to import / export

Station Creek Tree Farm is ideally located only one hours drive from Brisbane transport terminals and air and sea ports.

Plants for Export are packed into 20 foot and 40 foot sea containers. Aircraft containers are used for smaller quantities. Plants are always exported with the necessary Quarantine and Environment Documentation (Phytosanitary Certificate, CITES Export Permits etc).

We use specialised equipment for the harvesting, preparation and loading of our plants. Whilst maximum container space is utilised, utmost care is taken to ensure our product arrives at its destination in the best possible condition.

Video of the farm

View the Station Creek Tree Farm from above. The video has been filmed by drone flying across the property.

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